"Food is the paramount necessity of people and food safety is the top priority." Over the years, the Group has committed to the mission of offering high-quality products and has treated food safety issue as the top priority for all processes. The Group has formed a top-down regulatory system and a bottom-up reporting procedure for each production process and has created a scientific, organized, comprehensive and traceable quality control system to ensure product quality.

Dali has built a strong and integrated three-level product quality control team, which comprises of the Group's quality control department, quality control and inspection center and a group of quality control personnel. To date, the Group has over 1,200 professional quality control personnel who have already obtained relevant professional qualifications and are equipped with relevant technical skills. 


Dali "Chain-style" Seamless Regulatory Mechanism

"Quality is the blood of a company". The Group has advanced high-precision testing equipments and put in place a stringent quality control system, which allows the Group to adopt monitoring measures and conduct quality control inspection in each production process, from raw materials, to semi-finished products, to finished products. All production undergoes stringent testing and samples are retained for internal record to ensure product traceability. All of Dali's products can be traced back to any production stage.

Dali Group adheres to their principles of "Raise Awareness First, Control Source, Pay Attention to Details, Focus on Process, Inspect to Ensure Safety". The Group has established a quality awareness promotion and training program which encloses the training of employees' awareness on quality into the quality control system. In order to safeguard the quality of the source materials for our production, we conduct thorough evaluation and screening of suppliers and on-site visits to verify material sources at the original production sites. The Group adopts advanced management system which meets the international standards and has developed a monitoring system to monitor all important control points so as to ensure the key control points are under control. The high-standard control and inspectioncenters at each production facilities of the Group offer accurate and strong support for the quality management.

Dali Group has control and inspection centers at each production facilities, which are designed in accordance with Chinese National Laboratory Standards, and are equipped with testing facilities with world-leading technologies. The testing facilities enable the Group to complete tests of all raw materials and finished products for food and beverages. In addition, the testing facilities can also test measures such as the amount of plasticizers, heavy metals, pesticides and melamine to ensure high-standard support for quality control management.

Four Principles of Quality Management

(1)One Standard: Conducting stringent and the highest level of quality control on raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products without any compromising;

(2)Two Levels of Inspection Procedures: All subsidiaries conduct daily inspections and the Group conducts monthly inspections on quality control. Product quality is safeguarded by two levels of inspection procedures;

(3)Three "No's": All unqualified raw materials are not allowed to be put in warehouses, all unqualified semi-finished products are not allowed to be passed on to the next production process and all unqualified finished products are not allowed to be shipped out of the factory;

(4)Four "Must's": All reasons behind problems must be identified, all rectification measures must be well established, all people liable must be held accountable for their mistakes, all rectification measures must be effective.