The Group values technological innovation in production process, adheres to the guiding principles of “increase productivity, improve quality, ensure safety and save energy”, increases input in the technological innovation of production process with each passing year, aiming to come up with new technology and new process every year. Currently, the Group has obtained with it many advanced food and beverage production lines comparable with international food giants via self-innovation, technology absorption and co-developed channels. Also, The Group has maintained its industry leading position in terms of production technology.

Danish HAAS-MEINCKE Automatic Butter Cookies Production Line

In 2014, the Group introduced from Denmark the cutting-edge cookie production line-the HAAS-MEINCKE automatic butter cookie production line, with all operations in the production processes run by the control panel. The successful launch of the production line changed the monopoly of foreign brands in high-end cookie market, leading the development direction of China’s food industry.

Netherlands Rademarke high-speed croissant production line,
guaranteeing the authentic taste of French croissants

In 2013, the Group established technical cooperation with the Netherlands Rademarker and introduced from it Rademarker high-speed croissant production line. The whole line is precisely controlled by computer programs, helping to retain the authentic taste and flavor of French croissants.

Automatic cold-aseptic filling beverage production line with advanced
technology from European and American developed countries

In 2011, the Group started the independent design of its one production process, integrated with GEA cold-aseptic filling production line. The aseptic filling area of the production line reached the 100 grade purification standard for drug production, with instant high temperature sterilization and aseptic cold filling technology used in the production, fully retaining the original taste and flavor of product nutrients.

Perfect fusion of herb extraction process and world
cutting-edge two-piece-can beverage filling production line

In 2013, the Group joined hands with HORYANG from Taiwan to set up an internationally advanced fully-automated production line for two-piece-can herbal tea beverages. This production line combined the technical features of HORYANG’s two-piece-can beverage filling production and Dali’s unique advantages in herb extraction process. It’s featured with whole-line control system to precisely monitor the real-time status of key equipment. High-precision equivoluminal filling, x-rays liquid level detection, high-speed imaging closure defect detection and other advanced techniques are used in the production to ensure product quality.