"First milk" represents premium quality and premium taste. Special fiber is added into the product to benefit the nutrition absorption process and this helps differentiate the product from its peers.
   The "Girl First" slogan makes First Milk a popular brand nationwide and shows the energetic spirit of the brand. "Nutrition and absorption come first" concept is the highlight in modern trend since people now care more about health and nutrition.

Mixed porridge, also known as Laba porridge, is a traditional food every family enjoys when it comes to the day of December 8th (Chinese lunar calendar). The mix porridge has now become a popular snack food in China.

Daliyuan mixed porridge is developed based on traditional Chinese porridge formula. The product is made of selected red jujube, longan, silver ear fungus and lotus seeds etc. These raw materials are then boiled together, turning into cans of mixed porridge with rich flavor and nutrition, just like the ones boiled by mom.

Youyican is an upgraded product of the traditional mixed porridge. As people's lives become better and better these days, more and more people are now in favor of multigrain food. Youyican is made of buckwheat, oat, coix seeds and black glutinous rice. These grains are then boiled in a sealed container and eventually turned into mixed porridge which is tasty, nutritious and easy for absorption. The Youyican mixed porridge has already become a tasty and healthy supplementary meal for modern people.

"The first time to combine green tea with green plum". The green plum green tea is an innovative product of Dali. The product is a perfect combination of juice and tea, with a unique and refreshing flavor, allowing consumers to quench their thirst as soon as they see the product.

The ice tea is a combination of black tea and fresh lemon, which is refreshing and invigorating.

Honey green tea is a fusion of tasty honey and fresh green tea.The product is natural and of premium quality.

Daliyuan juice retains the original fresh juice flavor and original nutrition through aseptic pack cold filling production technique. The juice is rich in vitamins, fresh and healthy in every drop.