Family togetherness, with Daliyuan

"Daliyuan", our groundbreaking brand which represented the launch of the Group's multi-brand strategy, is now the major brand of our bread, cakes and pastries products. Daliyuan presents the original European taste and flavor to the Chinese consumers, making it possible for consumers to have a good time enjoying the European taste at home.

"Family togetherness, with Daliyuan" perfectly illustrates the brand proposition of family affection, happiness and sharing of great taste, which creates a brand image of high-quality, pleasance and wellness.

In 2002, when Daliyuan brand was first launched, it immediately gained popularity among numerous families through its soft and delicate taste, high quality, happy brand image and friendly brand characteristics. The brand quickly became a delicious memory in people’s mind.


Daliyuan soft bread is the innovation of Dali Group, which combines the characteristics of both bread and cakes, creating a new category in the bread market.

Daliyuan small bread originates from French bread. The packaging is small and convenient, and the product retains the authentic French flavor – crispy and delicious at first bite. Daliyuan soft French bread is Dali's self - developed product and it retains the characteristics of traditional French bread – hard on the outer crust and soft in the inside layers with extremely delicate texture. Daliyuan bread is a mixture of French romance and taste. Also the bread is small and portable with foreign flavor. Daliyuan bread has become an afternoon-tea-must for office people and caters to the needs of young modern consumers. 

In 2002, Dali proposed a new product concept: Custard pie. Dali Group is the first company to propose the "pie" concept. The introduction of Daliyuan pie led the "pie trend" in China and Daliyuan has maintained its position as the first pie brand in domestic pie market. Afterwards, the company introduced yolk custard pies, chocolate pies, fruit flavored pies and other pies as well." For you and me, every family loves it" slogan gained popularity through the promotion of the Daliyuan pie and has created a "pie trend" in China's food industry. In 2008, Daliyuan was rated as the "Chinese Industry Symbolic Brand (Pie)", and without any doubt, the company has become the pie king in China.

The croissant is a symbol of French culture and it is a kind of multi-layered bread. The most significant characteristic of the bread is its numerous layers and rich butter taste. Daliyuan croissant is authentic French croissant. The croissant production line is imported from Europe and it is the premium brand among all the bread products in Dali Group.

Daliyuan croissant has a tantalizing golden color and rich milk flavor. It is soft and romantic in every layer. The crispy taste is perfectly involved in every layer, and each layer is tantalizing and enjoyable for the customers.

  • Daliyuan cake series brings people a long-lasting enjoyable experience through advanced manufacturing technology. The product is a perfect combination of fresh eggs and premium flour, creating an enjoyable smooth texture.

  • Daliyuan Swiss rolls retain the original Northern European flavors. The soft cake and the multi-flavored filling make people just cannot help to eat more.

  • Daliyuan sachima has a golden color and a soft, sweet taste. Furthermore, the sachima starts melting in the mouth at the very first bite. The unique package design ensures a glue-free experience, and the product is a perfect combination of tradition and fashion, catering to the needs of different consumers and bringing much more fun to people's leisure time.