Good national nutrition soymilk

In 2017, with the consumption upgrade, Dali Foods Group insights into the new consumption trends of green, nature and health, focuses on the Chinese traditional nutrition drinks of soymilk, then launches the first natural soymilk that is without any additives. The brand name is DOU BEN DOU.

Dou Ben Dou soymilk introduces the global advanced technology, selects strictly non-GMO soybeans, and does not add any food flavor and preservatives. The whole soybeans are grinded into high-quality series of soymilk that can be stored at room temperature, and is easy to drink. This soymilk opens the new era of Chinese soymilk, leads the national nutrition drinks to a new height, rewrites the pattern of China's beverage market, so that China officially enters the era of soymilk!

The brand DOU BEN DOU is named simply but uniquely. Chinese DOU is related to the soybean category, which highlights Dali Foods Group focusing on the soymilk industry and has ambition to become the leading brand of soymilk industry; Chinese BEN is on behalf of origin and essence, that reflects pure characteristics of the product, and interprets perfectly the food industry returns to the trends of green, nature and health. In the brand vision, it is designed mainly in the natural color of green and white, brings us the visual experience of returning to nature and returning to the true. Simplification makes the product more sense of quality.

Good national nutrition soymilk is the brand positioning. Its brand concept is letting nutrition and life return to the nature. With insisting on the quality of nature and not adding, DOU BEN DOU launches three kinds of soymilk: the soymilk without any additives, pure soymilk without any sucrose, and organic soymilk certified by national authority, all above meet the diverse needs of people under different consumption demand.


Dou Ben Dou Soymilk Commercials

Interview: National goddess Sun Li talks about national soymilk


DOU BEN DOU organic soymilk

DOU BEN DOU organic soymilk is the representative of high-end soymilk, which is certified by the national organic certification body, and selects non-GMO organic soybeans with traceability. It tastes thick with rich soybeans flavor and is a good drink for the consumers who pursue healthy life. In the packaging, it adopts Tetra Pak aseptic. 

DOU BEN DOU pure soymilk

DOU BEN DOU pure soymilk only uses two raw materials of non-GMO soybeans and water, which doesn’t have sucrose, and contains 4.0 grams of plant protein per 100 ml soymilk to satisfy the consumers who pursue healthy life. In the packaging, it adopts Tetra Pak aseptic..


DOU BEN DOU plain soymilk

DOU BEN DOU plain soymilk is suitable for the whole family, which is only made by non-GMO soybeans, water and sugar without any edible flavors and preservatives. Its plant protein reaches 3.0 grams per 100 ml soymilk.The packaging uses asepsis tetra slim pack and unique PP bottle.

let nutrition return to nature

let life return to nature